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We guide global companies and startups through the research, characterization, and design of digital products and interfaces.

Our Expertise


Richkid developed a website for the digital bank, which included characterization of the user experience for a variety of audiences, design, development, and handling of all digital assets for marketing purposes. They quickly understand the brand values, business, and organizational needs and did not compromise on any aspect of the project. Despite a tight schedule that sometimes seemed impossible, we always gave everything.

Roy Katzir

VP of Marketing and Business Development, One Zero Bank

In recent years, we have had the opportunity to work together on quite a few projects and it has become obvious that they are true professionals.

As well as their professional experience, Richkid's team is full of motivation and willingness to assist with every project, without cutting corners, and always meeting deadlines.

Our team is currently working on a joint new UX/UI project for the entire consumer journey on Soda Stream websites around the world. Richkid makes sure to support the business's goals and objectives while making data-driven design decisions. Our team at RichKid works in the same manner, and we are pleased that the RichKid team works similarly.

Eliad Elkabetz

Head of Global Product and Ecommerce Division, SodaStream

Richkid's work can be summarized in two words: professional and impressive. From designing small features to establishing new digital platforms, we worked together on a variety of projects. Aside from the excellent design work, the best part is the sense of personal relationship, sincerity, and authenticity, which improve the complex work processes between the customer and the supplier.

Miron bashy

Digital and Ecommerce Director, Nespresso

It is just fun to work with Richkid, primarily due to the fact that working with them is like working with an in-house team. Working together, we characterized and developed several landing pages, as well as developed mobile and desktop applications. There is no doubt that this is a serious and professional team that is completely dedicated to the task at hand, delivers the products at a high level, and meets the deadlines. RichKid makes working with them easy, fast, flexible, and of exceptionally high quality.

Mor Peer

Digital Director, Mobileye

Our journey begins with Richkid.We have worked together on many projects over the years.Based on the experiences of other companies with Richkid, it appears that they are really making an effort for you, and there is an overall sense of security and responsibility.


Our website contains tens of thousands of products and hundreds of categories. It was necessary to make them accessible to users in a simple and creative way. An initial characterization process included professional thinking from various directions (UX, UI, development, organic promotion) along with an understanding of the site and how the user operates as well as taking into account all relevant factors



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From the moment we first become part of your marketing, e-commerce, and product teams - we accompany every step of the app, website, or system development process.

We conduct daily status talks, guide various departments in your company, assemble schedules, mark checklists, and above all - provide consulting services from the bottom of our hearts.

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